How to Install Mods in Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

How to Install Mods in Minecraft?

Mods in Minecraft: Minecraft is an excellent game on its own. However, adding mods is a way to take the game one step beyond that. Minecraft contains hundreds of mods that transform your basic gameplay into an entire horror experience or imaginative building moments. Mods are also a great way to add different aspects to the gameplay.

Mods in Minecraft
There is, however, an easy way to enable mods within the game. Before that, you must ensure that your system can manage the mods since certain ones will consume a lot of resources.

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How to Install Mods in Minecraft?

There are several steps to play Minecraft by mods. In the beginning, you’ll have to install the forge mod installer. Forge Mod Installer, After that, download the mods and then add them to the game by following the steps in the following steps.

Installing Forge in Minecraft

Forge is the application that lets users run the mods they need. It’s a .jar file, a Java-based application that requires Java to run. If you’re not running Java and want to install it, visit the official site to follow the directions on installing and downloading it.

  • Forge on your PC. Forge for the version that you would like to install on your PC.
  • Download and open your.jar file you just downloaded.

Forge installation

  • Choose Install Client If you plan for a local game. Install Server If you’re planning to create your mod server.
  • Choose OK and wait for the program to upload the file to your library.

Launching Minecraft Forge

After you have installed Forge, you can connect to it via Minecraft Launcher. Minecraft Launcher.

  1. Launch Minecraft Launcher.
  2. On the left-hand edge of the button, go to the drop-down menu and choose to Forge version from Minecraft.
  3. Click The button Play button, and the game will start using Forge installed.

After the game has been completed, it will show the current version of Forge installed. The other significant difference you will see within the screen itself is under you can find the option to play multiplayer, there’s an option to modify. It will bring you to a screen that displays the list of mods installed on your computer when you open it.

Common Issues adding mods in minecrafts

Minecraft crashes on startup.

Minecraft’s slow startup time can result from various issues. If this happens to you, ensure that all your mods work with the correct version of Forge. There aren’t any duplicate mods, and you’re not missing any dependencies. Also, you can test to determine if mods are crashing the game when it is launched without mods loaded. If you cannot figure out which mod causes the issue, then you can put the mods one at once. It could take a small amount of time. However, it’s very efficient.

Receiving Mod Rejections while trying to join the server

Mod rejection indicates that the mod does not match the version on servers, or there is a missing mod for your Minecraft client, which is also in your server, or the reverse. Verify that the mods folder on the client side matches the server-side mods directory and not only with server-side mods.

This server comes with mods that require FML/Forge to be downloaded and installed by the user.

This implies that Forge isn’t on your Minecraft client in any way. It could be it’s because you’re running the incorrect version. Close the client and confirm that it’s operating the Forge version. If you don’t find Forge in the list of performances, you’ll have to install it.

Install the Mod You Want

You’ll have to download the mod and place it in the mods folder within your local folder before you can utilize it. Follow these steps to do this.

  • Visit CurseForge’s Minecraft website.
  • Find the most suitable mod you’re looking for using the search bar or browsing.
  • It is recommended to read the description carefully to ensure it’s compatible for the Minecraft version you wish to play with. Save the modification and download it to your computer.
  • Go to the folder from which the mods were downloaded the Mods. We’ll come back to this later.
  • Start Forge, Version for Forge within Minecraft.

Minecraft Forge

  • Select Mods.
  • At the bottom left is the button that says ” Open Mods Folder” Click it. It will bring up the local folder where you can put the mods.

Mods list

  • Alternatively, look up “%appdata%” using the Search Bar and open the folder. Then find the .minecraft folder and navigate to the mods folder. For Mac users, you can click the Go tab at the top, type in “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft,” and press Go. Then, you can find the mods folder inside it.
  • Download the downloaded file directly to the mods directory.

mods folder

  • If you’ve got the game running, restart it. Otherwise, you can run it using Forge Version with the game.
  • The mods you’ve added and their information are within the Mods section.

If you have a lot of mods, you can select which mod packs to use when you start the game. To do so:

  • Open Minecraft and Create New World.
  • You’ll find an option to download Data Packs to the left side of the menu. Select it.

Minecraft Forge

Data Packs

  • There are two columns. The left column is for the mods available, and the right is for the chosen mods.
  • If you move your mouse over any column, you’ll see an arrow pointing towards the opposite column. If the MODs reside on the selected column, then the Arrow will point left and reverse.
  • Use the Arrow to select or de-select an option.

selecting mods

  • Click Done after you’re satisfied.
  • Imagine the world you want to create in the setting you want to make.

Remember to check the mod versions as they might be incompatible and crash the game. If they are completely incompatible or need extra files, the following screen may show up when you launch the game.

Selecting mods
Selecting mods

How to Install Modpacks?

Modpacks are a collection of mods that work with one another and are created by creators for you to run on your computer. The site CurseForge has previously allowed users to download and install modpacks themselves, and the process took longer than installing regular mods.

modpack minecraft

Now, you can install the application called CurseForge to install modpacks on your system automatically.

  • Install and download CurseForge and download the CurseForge application on its official site.
  • Run CurseForge and then select to play Minecraft.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll be on the page where you can look through all the installed modpacks or browse the modpacks.

Minecraft Forge


  • Click on the tab for modpacks to browse and choose the ones you would like to install to the version you have.
  • The installation should finish. It may take a while to complete due to their huge size.
  • Once installed, you will locate them under My Modpacks.
  • Move the mouse over your Modpack you wish to play with, then click the Play button. This will launch Minecraft Launcher. Minecraft Launcher.

curseforge installed mod

  • In the Installations tab in the Launcher, you will detect the modpack version that has been automatically installed. It is as easy as pressing play, and then the game should begin to play. The game can download additional resources if it hasn’t already.

When everything is downloaded, and Minecraft starts, you can play the game with no issues.

How to Install Shaders Mod in Minecraft?

  • Download and install the Optifine version of the game through its official website.

Optifine version

  • Once you install Optifine, run the Minecraft Launcher.
  • In the launcher, select the Optifine version from the list on the left of the play button.

You will now have the Optifine version of the game installed.

You will not have better graphics immediately after installing Optifine. Find the shader you want to install on the web and install it too. You can follow these steps to make sure you install the shaders properly.

  • Run the Optifine version of the game.
  • Go to Video Settings. You can see the settings menu is different than that of the regular Minecraft.


  • Select the Shaders option.
  • Press the Shaders Folder option on the bottom left. 
  • Alternatively, you can search for %appdata% in the start menu and open it. Then go to the .minecraft folder and open shader packs.
    You can open the Go tab for macOS users and type in “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft” without the quotations.
  • Copy and paste the zip files you downloaded directly to this folder.

Minecraft Forge

shaderpacks folder

  • Restart Minecraft in Optifine and follow steps 1 to 3.
  • Choose the shader pack you just installed and click on Done.
  • Run your saved world or create a new world.

Once the world loads in, you will be able to see the changes in the game’s visuals.

using shader

Related Questions

Is CurseForge Safe to Use?

CurseForge is secure to use as long you download it directly from its official website. If you decide to download the app through websites that are not affiliated with it, it could cause your computer to be affected by malware or viruses.

Can Minecraft Mods Harm Your Computer?

Mods are safe, and secure files are available to download from trusted sources to enhance your Minecraft gameplay more enjoyable. Sometimes, however, you could encounter malware or viruses masquerading as mods. It is essential to be aware and read descriptions, and reviews of users (if there are any) as well as download the mods from trusted sites like CurseForge.

Is CurseForge Free to Download?

CurseForge and all its contents are free to download to users from the general public. The mods listed on their websites are free; you don’t need to join to download them.

How to Install RLCraft?

It is a mod for Minecraft that can make the game more challenging and adds tons of mobs and objects to the game. It is possible to use the CurseForge application and look up RLCraft for it to download without trouble.

Are Minecraft Mods Illegal?

Minecraft Mods aren’t illegal, and you can create your mods or install any mods you discover to improve your gameplay experience within Minecraft. It is essential to be aware of mods available for other games, as certain games don’t allow mods within their games.

What is the Best Place to Get Minecraft Mods?

In general, CurseForge is considered to be one of the most extensive and comprehensive mod libraries you could locate. It offers hundreds of mods that are not only specifically for Minecraft. However, it also has mods for various other games. If you’re on this site, you’ll download authentic mods to your game. For more Information Visit:

  1. Check that your Minecraft client is shut down.
  2. Press the Windows Key (Start)
  3. Enter %appdata% then hit enter.
  4. Open the Minecraft folder, and then go to the mods directory.
  5. From here, click on the mods you want to include.
  6. Relaunch Minecraft, and then click Play. The mods should be loaded.
If you’re looking for Mods to Bedrock Edition (consoles and Windows 10), then you can go directly into the Minecraft Marketplace and download the mods. But, the majority require purchase. Install the latest Forge version compatible with the Minecraft version you’ve installed.
The Minecraft Mod is an individual, user-created modification of Minecraft, the Mojang games on video Minecraft. There are tens of thousands of mods are available and players are able to download them on the internet for free.
In a period where we’ve seen many games disappear, Minecraft has been able to keep its place in the market with its new additions. One of these can find in The Minecraft Java Edition, an entirely no-cost game.

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