How to breed horses in Minecraft? - 2022

How to breed horses and mules in Minecraft to start your own farm ?

How to breed horses in Minecraft

Breed horses in Minecraft allows you to be just about anything. You can be a mighty warrior, a brave cave-diver, or just a farmer. You will need farm animals if you are going to build a farm.

  • By feeding two tame horses Golden Apples and Carrots, you can breed horses in Minecraft.
  • You will need Nuggets or Gold Ingots to make the Golden Apples and Carrots you desire.
  • A horse can cross with a donkey to create a mule. However, this can’t be further bred.

This guide will show you how to breed horses in Minecraft. It also explains how to care for your baby’s foal after birth.

How to breed horses in Minecraft?

Before you can breed, there are several steps you need to follow. You first need to find and tame at least two horses.

Tame two horses

Horses can spawn in plains or savannas randomly, often in herds. Some villages have stables or pens for horses. Anyone can take these horses — Minecraft doesn’t have a gender, so there is no need to worry about getting a male or female.

You must approach a horse and “use” him ( right click or left activate). While you are not holding anything, it will allow you to climb onto his back. It will probably start to buck you off the first few times you try this. Continue doing this until your hearts rise above the horse, and then it will stop jerking. It may take some time, so be patient.

After taming your horse, you can tie it up to a Lead or place a saddle on it. This will allow you to quickly move the horse around, such as inside a fenced area.

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You can tame two horses, and they will be together.

Quick tip Combine a Slimeball and four pieces of string to make a lead. Saddles cannot be made, and you’ll need them to find in treasure chests or by killing a Ravager.

 What are the Required Materials to Breed Horses in Minecraft?    

Two Golden Carrots or Golden Apples requires to breed horses. Both will work, but you must either craft them or purchase them from Villagers.

You will need to grow carrots, apples, and gold to craft them. All items can also purchase from Villagers, and Oak trees can be use to produce apples.

These steps will help you create a Golden Apple.

  • You can break some oak leaves or dark oak leaves until at least two apples are left.
  • Get some gold.
  • Make Gold Ingots from the Gold Nuggets.
  • Get to the Crafting Table.
  • Place the apple in the middle slot
  • Gold Ingots can use to surround the apple.
  • Obtain a Golden Apple.
  • You can keep going until you have at least two more Golden Apples.

For Golden Carrots, you’ll follow different steps:

How to Make Golden Apples and Carrots in Minecraft?

It would be best if you fed your horses special treats to get them excite about breeding.

Golden Apples can find in treasure chests across the Overworld or Nether. However, you can also make them yourself. Place a regular Apple in your Crafting Menu to make a Golden Apple. Then surround it with eight gold Ingots.

Golden Carrots are not as costly, but they can be made. These can be made by surrounding a regular Carrot in eight Gold Nuggets.

Make Golden Apples and Carrots in Minecraft

Quick tip To get Gold Nuggets, you can mine Nether Gold Ore or smelt golden items inside treasure chests. You can make nine nuggets or smelt Raw Gold and Gold Ore together to get Gold Ingots.

How to breed your horses?

You can breed once you have at least two horses and two golden foods.

Your horses should be place near one another, and each horse should be given a Golden Apple or Carrot. A few seconds later, hearts will appear above your horses’ heads, and a baby horse will emerge.

breed horses in Minecraft

The foal (or baby horse) will go with its parents wherever they go, and a foal matures into an adult horse in about 20 minutes. However, you can speed up the process by giving it apples, sugar, wheat, or hay.

Tips and tricks to breed horses in Minecraft

Minecraft allows horses to come in seven colors and five types of markings. There are 35 types of horses available in Minecraft.

The game of dice determines the appearance of the foal when you breed two horses. While most foals will inherit their parents’ color and markings, there is a 29% chance that the foal will have a different appearance. If you want a horse with a particular color, you will need to breed two horses of that color.

Random statistics such as health, speed, and jumping strength are also available to every horse in the game. The game determines the stats of a foal by adding the stats of the two parents to a completely random horse. The foal’s chances of success are higher if the parents are better than the foal. However, it is nearly impossible to breed a perfect foal.

Horses don’t have to be bred with other horses. You can breed a horse and a donkey to get a baby mule. Follow the same steps.

Horse, Donkey, or Mule: Which is better?

The only difference between the three types is that horses can wear armor to increase protection (specialist horse armor, that is – unfortunately, you can’t make your horse wear Gold or Neurite armor plating). At the same time, mules and donkeys can have chests for more storage.

All three species can have the same maximum stats in their mount’s stats (HP and movement speed). While spawning horses may have random stats, naturally breeding donkeys can permanently have fix or mediocre stats. This has led to many believing that horses are faster than donkeys or mules. However, with enough selective breeding, you can get a donkey/mule that can be as fast as a horse and jump as high.

Things To Do with Horses in Minecraft

You can ride a horse around the world in a saddle. The horse’s speed will vary depending on their stats, and they can run at least two times as fast as a sprint or even slightly faster. These stats can be random, but repeate breeding can help you breed faster horses and better jumpers.

Saddles give you an additional slot, which is handy for keeping an item on your horse.

You can ride a horse by moving your mouse and using the movement keys to move. Horses are also able to jump over obstacles. Horses that can leap over five blocks are the best, while horses with weaker legs can only clear two blocks.

For additional protection, you can also make armor for your horse. While the armor prevents horses from being kill quickly, it does not protect them from falling or injury.

Horses can only wear armor. Skeletons, zombie horses, and donkeys can’t. The latter two can have chests that grant you an additional 15 slots, and this is due to the pack animal nature of mules and donkeys.

You can travel the world faster with a horse than if you just run. Horses don’t need as much food, so you don’t need to bring as much. They can be fed if they are badly injure, but they also have healing abilities.

How To Breed mules in Minecraft

It would be best if you pair a horse with a donkey to breed a mule. Again, this requires using golden apples or carrots. It’s a bit more difficult because you will need to find horses and donkeys, but it’ll be well worth the effort.

A baby mule, or mule foal, will inherit its stats from their parents (and one additional random set of figures). This allows you to breed fast, healthy mules. You can also equip them with chests, as we mention earlier. A robust and agile mule can be bred and given enough inventory space to make it a great survival companion.

If you’re not convince about breeding a Mule for in-game use, you might consider doing it for the Artificial Selection achievement. This achievement is available to Bedrock edition players, allowing you to breed a Mule from a Horse and Donkey.

You can’t breed mules in Java edition. However, you can earn the Two by Two advancement, which allows you to breed every type of animal.

Is it possible to breed Minecraft Skeleton Horses?

Skeleton Horses, a distinct horse species, are randomly created and are rarely affected by lightning strikes. A trap horse is a spawned horse, and this will trigger a Skeleton Horseman and three additional Skeleton Horsemen when a player gets within ten blocks.

This is the only way that a Skeleton Horse could spawn. Once you have one, you can’t feed or breed it.

Check out our breeding horse guide and other Minecraft animals for a complete list of animals that can raise and the food items you should feed them to encourage love.


Why can’t I breed my horses in Minecraft?

Wild horses can’t be bred in Minecraft, and you can only breed tamed horses to breed correctly, and both horses must be tamed. Make sure that you have tamed both horses.

What is the fastest way to breed a horse in Minecraft?

How to Get SUPERSPEED Horses in Minecraft Bedrock Edition YouTube Start clipped clip They’reMoreNow we need to breed them. Click on them with some golden cars. They’re going now to pass that extra bit of speed on to the baby horse.

How do you make a horse breed?

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft YouTubeYouTubeStart with a suggested clipped with suggested clip. More. You will need two tamed horses and golden apples or golden carrots to start breeding.

How do you breed horses in Minecraft survival?

Breeding horses in Minecraft Give each horse a Golden Apple and Golden Carrot to help them start breeding. The horses will enter Love Mode, which allows them to mate and give birth to a foal. Most likely, the foal will have the same color and markings as one of its parents.

Does sugar make horses faster in Minecraft?

After your horse has been badly injured, but not too severely, you can help him by using SUGAR. This will increase the horse’s speed and make it more alert. STEP 5: Pay attention to where you are going and slow down when you cross the street.

Which Minecraft horse is the best?

Health: Black pegasuses are considered the best and fastest Minecraft horses. A black Pegasus horse will have 50 hearts, and a black Pegasus will work at maximum speed. Black Pegasus can move at a rate of almost 1.3 blocks per second within Minecraft.

How do you make horses have babies in Minecraft?

It would help if you bred horses in Minecraft. This will activate “love mode” in both horses. It is similar to the process used for breeding other Minecraft mobs like foxes or goats, bees, and axolotls.

How do you breed horses in Minecraft 2022?

Two tamed horses can be bred by feeding them golden carrots or golden apples, and this activates their love mode and causes them to mate and give birth to a foal. The foal is more spindly than the adult horse and will grow in stages until it reaches full size. To make the foal mature quicker, it can be fed.

How to keep horses from running away in Minecraft?

The two-block high wall should be built around horses. To prevent horses from running away, you can use any resource, such as dirt or sand. However, the wall must be at least two blocks high.

How many apples do you need to breed a horse?

You will need 40apples to be able to breed horses in Minecraft. Also, you will need 16 gold bars and two apples per horse to craft two golden apples.

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