Minecraft Ocean Monument - 2022

Minecraft Ocean Monument: Everything players need to know

Minecraft Ocean Monument

Minecraft Ocean Monument are among the terrifying structures found in Minecraft.

These unusual structures are enormous in scale and can be a target for dangerous mobs that swim around and inside! They must prepare for the event accordingly if you plan to visit the Ocean Monument.

Find Minecraft Ocean Monument

Minecraft Ocean Monuments can be found in the following biomes:

  • Deep Ocean
  • Deep Frozen Ocean
  • Deep Cold Ocean
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Deep Warm Ocean

Gamers can locate these biomes when they travel off the coast. Although they can easily locate a Deep Ocean biome, finding an Ocean Monument isn’t as simple!

It is recommended that players travel during the night, as the Monument’s lights will be more visible.

What are those mobs?

The mobs in the picture above are known as Guardians.

Guardians are a horde of thugs which shoots lasers out of their eyes. This laser will charge for 2 seconds and then fire at the person, causing the player six red hearts damage.

Minecraft Ocean Monument

The laser can do one additional heart of magic damage (bypasses armor) when the player is playing Normal difficulty.

If their spikes are stretched, Guardians will damage the player every time they get struck by its thorns.

What’s inside the Monument?

In addition to the guardians of the standard, Elder Guardians also spawn. They are huge guardians who appear to be made of stone. The massive fish has an extremely powerful laser attack that can do eight hearts of damage when fully charged.

The laser will be attached to players and track their movements, and if they don’t get away from it or behind a block before it is fully charged, they’ll regret it!

An Elder Guardian can also cause the player to suffer Mining Fatigue every 60 minutes, making it difficult to escape from the Monument and get away.

Like the guardian regular, The Elder Guardian is equipped with the thorns effect that deals two damages in Normal Mode (three for hard). It is recommended that players take Protection and Respiration armor that is enchanted to fight these monsters.

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What about the Ocean Monument loot?

Minecraft Ocean Monument contain the greatest loot available in Minecraft!

Here’s a list of the loot you could get:

  • Sponges (from Elder Guardian, Sponge Rooms)
  • Prismarine Blocks
  • Sea Lanterns
  • Gold Blocks (eight are located in the highest room together with the Elder Guardian)
  • Dark Blocks of Prismarine

The sponge rooms (seen below) are the most unusual in the museum. They can hold as many as 30 wet sponges! The sponges are then removed from a furnace before being utilized for absorbing water (suitable for bases in the ocean).

Gamers can also achieve “The Deep End” feat if they can overcome one of the Elder Guardi.

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Find Any Deep Ocean Monument in minecraft

The first thing you need to know about Ocean Monuments is where they originate. If there are large bodies of water in the vicinity, that is the first thing to begin exploring. But not every body of water can house an impressive monument.

The trick is to discover the deep sea biomes. A variety of types exist, and it doesn’t matter which one the participant chooses, so long that they’re deep enough to create monuments. A boat ride is an excellent idea as these monuments can often be found in nature.

Taking on an Ocean Monument! – The Minecraft Survival Guide


The Treasure Chamber of each Ocean Monument has eight gold blocks that are hidden in Dark Prismarine. Prismarine can only be located in Ocean Monuments, so if you plan to use it to build your structure, it is necessary to get your Prismarine from the Ocean Monuments. Sea Lanterns can be useful as light sources that can be used for structures underwater.
Three elder guardians naturally spawn in the generation of every ocean monument. One is located in the upper room of the monument, and the remaining two are within each wing of the memorial. They are not reborn following their initial birth, so there are only three in the world.

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