Enchanting Guide Minecraft : how to use enchanting table - 2023

Enchanting Guide Minecraft : how to use enchanting table – 2023

Enchanting Guide Minecraft

Do you want to know more about Minecraft magic? They can be made with a magical table and used to make magical armour, weapons and other equipment in Minecraft. There’s a risk that comes with enchanting in Minecraft since there’s no way to predict what this enchantment table will release when you’re finished.

Minecraft Enchantments are extremely potent; they are extremely powerful, and you’ll want to accumulate the most of them to maximize your chances of making it through this brutal chaotic, bloated world. Take a look as we dissect the fundamentals of building the Minecraft stunning table using the enchantments and offer other tips to help you master this powerful crafting method.

Here is a listing of all the Minecraft current enchantments available present in Minecraft:

  • Aqua Affinity
  • This increases the mining rate of your in the water. Maximum rank 1.
  • Bane of Arthropods
  • Increases the damage arthropods suffer, in conjunction with Smite and Sharpness. The maximum rank is 5.
  • Blast Protection
  • Reduce damage caused by explosions. Maximum rank 4.
  • Channelling
  • It applies to only the Minecraft Trident only. The trident can direct lightning at an opponent only during thunderstorms. It is not compatible with Riptide. Max Rank 1.
  • Curse of Binding
  • Stops taking items away. Max rank 1.
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • The item is destroyed upon death. Maximum rank 1.
  • Depth Strider
  • Accelerate your underwater speed (mutually exclusive to Frost Walker). Maximum rank 3.
  • Efficiency
  • Mine faster. Maximum rank 5.
  • Feather Falling
  • Do not take fall damage as much. Maximum rank 4.
  • Fire Aspect
  • The target is set to go on firing. Maximum rank 2.
  • Fire Protection
  • Take less fire damage. Maximum rank 4
  • Flame
  • Arrows can set the target to firing. Maximum rank 1.
  • Fortune
  • Find additional block drop (mutually exclusive to Silk Touch).
  • Frost Walker
  • Changes the water below you into frosted ice; this is why this cannot be used in conjunction with Depth Strider. Maximum rank 2.
  • Impaling
  • Do more damage to marine mobs using the trident. The maximum rank is 5.
  • Infinity
  • Use only arrows that are not consumed when you fire the bow (mutually exclusive to the ability to repair) Maximum rank 3.
  • Knockback
  • More knockback. Max rank 2.
  • Looting
  • More loot can be obtained from mobs. The maximum rank is 3.
  • Loyalty
  • Trident returns when you throw it (mutually exclusive to Riptide). Higher ranks mean that the trident is returned quicker. Maximum rank 3.
  • Luck of the Sea
  • Better luck with the fishing. Maximum 3rd rank.
  • Lure
  • Faster fishing. Maximum rank 3.

What is Minecraft enchanting?

If you’ve reached a stage where you’ve got everything you need to live in Minecraft, and you’re still feeling like you’re always more strong, you might want to purchase a captivating table. These blocks can confer impressive (and strange) magical abilities to your armour and weapons; however, you cannot be sure what effects you’ll end with.

What Minecraft items can you enchant?

Enhancements can be applied to many items within Minecraft; however, the vast array of categories you can enchant in Minecraft include weapons, armour weapons, books, and tools.

Enchanting Guide Minecraft

How to enchant items in Minecraft

Three primary methods to enchant objects within Minecraft:

  • Visit a Minecraft charming table and trade XP and lapis-lazuli to enhance an item.
  • In the Minecraft Anvil, you can mix the book you have enchanted with an item that isn’t enchanted. This makes use of the XP
  • You can combine two items with enchanted facets on an anvil to make one item using two Enchantments.

You can also acquire magical items from trading emeralds in the village. There’s also the chance you’ll stumble across an enchanted item when fishing or even as a reward for killing a zombie drowned zombie pigman, the stray, husk, skull, or skeleton. The enchanted items can also be taken from the end of the city.

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If you play on Bedrock Edition, you can obtain enchanted objects by killing vindicator and pillager enemies in a raid. You can also use Minecraft command-line commands or cheat codes to complete the task. Also Check This : Minecraft Clock Redstone

How to build a Minecraft enchanting table?

You’ll require four obsidian, two diamonds, and a book to create an enchantment table using Minecraft. Launch your crafting menu, and then arrange three obsidians along the bottom row, with another in the middle on the grid.

Put the Minecraft diamonds either to the right of the obsidian that protrudes, and then put the book on top of the row. A stunning table will appear just right. Drag and drop it into your inventory, and you are.

How to use your enchanting table?

After it’s been placed, you can walk over and interact with the beautiful table. It will open a brand new interface. To the left, you’ll be able to add a selection of lapis lazuli as well as the item you wish to enhance, and on the right side, you’ll find words that indicate your choice of randomly rolled enchantments. You can hover over any of the glyphs, which will hint at the possible possibilities of enchantments.

How to get better Minecraft enchantments?

Enchantments for Minecraft will typically be greater the more advanced your experience level, so don’t anticipate the highest quality effects if you can make some of the tables earlier.

You can also boost your enchantment by putting a bookshelf adjacent to the table with a buffer that is one square. To gain access to the most powerful magic, you’ll have to make the top border of your bookshelf – fifteen. The most effective way to arrange the bookshelf blocks is to make an additional row of bookshelf blocks in case you have to make room.

If there isn’t a specific object you’re looking to enchant, then you can make an enchanted book that effectively keeps the enchantment in reserve for use in the future. When it comes to changing the enchantments available in Minecraft, it’s pretty easy to do so. It’s possible to alter your choices since they are based on your experience levels, the seed for enchantment and the type of item you’re trying to change. It is possible to alter the options you’re presented by decreasing your bookshelf count linked to the table; however, it doesn’t impact the possibilities.

The best method of storing the extra Minecraft items to create an ultimate enchantment weapon is to store beautiful books. With the most powerful possible enchantments, keep on enchanting the books until you’ve got a choice of enchantments that max level. Then, take the preferred item along with the books onto the anvil and join them. Jace offers a fantastic guide to achieving maximum magical effects on different objects; you can see it below.

Minecraft best enchantments

Are there top magic items to make use of for Minecraft? While preference is a major factor, there are some magical items that every player must use.

Restoring is one of the most effective enhancements, particularly for weapons and tools you’re likely to use frequently. Wear and tear consume many resources as you play Minecraft, as repairs keep rising in price. Repairing your weapon through the use of bubbles of XP. When you kill one of the many Minecraft mobs, the bubbles of XP which pop up instantly repair the weapon you’ve just employed. Simply switch to your pickaxe before hoovering up the XP, and you’ll be able to maintain your pickaxe’s diamond in top state.

In the same way, Unbreaking increases the durability of your product, which means you will be able to use it for longer before putting it on a bender for a mender.

For weapons, it’s typically simpler to utilize an enchantment that has the one that has maxed out Power or Sharpness or Power instead of a technological enhancement like Smite or Impaling since these increase your power overall and will not require you to carry around multiple swords. For equipment, you’ll need Mending and Unbreaking as well as efficiency and Fortune.

When it is about the top Minecraft armour Enchantments, you should always Feather Falls onto your boot to minimize the impact of falls and provide maximum protection on all of your armour pieces.


  1. Blast Protector (IV): Reduces the damage caused by explosions and knockback. It is particularly useful in combating Creepers.
  2. Protects against Projectiles (IV): Reduces the harm caused by projectiles. This is extremely effective against Skeletons.
  3. Protection (IV): Reduces the majority of damages. It strengthens you and makes it more difficult to be killed by violent mobs.


  1. Blast Protector (IV): Reduces the harm caused by explosions and knock-back. It is particularly useful in taking on Creepers.
  2. Protects against Projectiles (IV): Reduces the harm caused by projectiles. This is extremely effective against Skeletons.
  3. Protection (IV): Reduces the impact of the majority of the damage. It makes you more powerful and less likely to be killed by enemy mobs.


  1. Aqua Infinity (I): Increases the amount of mineral extraction in the sea.
  2. Respiration (III): This lets you breathe for an extended period while swimming.
  3. Unbreakable (III): Increases the longevity that an item has.


  1. Depth Strider (III): Increases movement speed when travelling underwater.
  2. Frost Water (II): Turns water beneath the player’s feet into frost, allowing players to walk on frozen water. This enchantment must be applied using the anvil.
  3. Feather Falls (IV): Reduces falls’ effect and allows users to slide down at higher levels.

How to read Minecraft enchantment language?

The Minecraft magical Table language is described as a standard galactic language developed by Commander Keen. Numerous programs convert letters. However, the words aren’t correlated to the feeling you receive: it’s just a fun Easter egg. Therefore, while you could translate the beautiful language into Minecraft but it’s not very helpful to any extent.

Here you have it all. You must be aware of Minecraft Enchantments. Certain of them are particularly strong – we’re big supporters of using Punch for knocking mobs off ledges, so make sure to make sure you use them wisely. You can also enhance the shield of your Minecraft shield by using three different Minecraft magical items to increase your defence in battle, and you can also use Minecraft banners for a reason if you’re looking to display yours.

What are Enchantments in Minecraft?

In simple phrases, Enchanting is a means of upgrading and adding capabilities to a Minecraft item such as your boots, armour sword, etc. Enchantments can not only provide your item with new capabilities but increase its capabilities to a new level. It is possible to use them to make your mining faster, be more effective and improve your gaming experience.

The greatest aspect is that you can apply any of these enchantments in minutes. Before we continue with our Minecraft guide to enchantments, we’ll quickly review how to identify items with already been enchanted.

Where to Find Enchanted Items in Minecraft?

If you’re not interested in the manually applying enchantments to all of your equipment, you may also acquire enchanted items using these methods:

  • trading With the villagers
  • fishing on large rivers and oceans
  • By eliminating groups of zombies or Skeletons who could have an item enchanted
  • In the rare Minecraft chests that appear within almost every popular in-game structure. Although, the probability of chests being spawned with an item that is enchanted is most likely to occur at the end of cities.
  • Trade using Piglings in the Nether
  • Bedrock users are also able to acquire items that are enchanted by eliminating pillagers and vindicators during raids.

How to Apply Enchantments to Armor, Boots, and Sword?

You can manually apply enchantments to your objects if your research yields nothing. Minecraft has two ways to use enchantments within the game. In addition, with our Minecraft Enchantments guide, you will be able to understand each of them in its own way.

Using Enchanted Books

Enchanted books can be found all over the Minecraft worlds. It is possible to exchange books with librarians or take advantage of loot chests to locate them. If enchantments are available, there’s probably an enchanted book to use. It’s important to note that certain magicks can only be used with an enchanted book.

Enchanting Guide Minecraft

The only requirement to utilize these books is to pair them with the object you wish to transform with a thermal magically. The process is free of orbs that are easy to acquire. 

Using Enchanting Table

The heart of our Minecraft Enchantments guide lies in The Enchanting table. Like a craft table within Minecraft, the table is used to create recipes in the game. You will require only the item you’d like to enchant and lapis-lazuli. Utilizing these two things and the Enchanting table lists all possibilities of enchantments that you could apply to it. It can simultaneously display three or more enchantments, as seen in the image below.

Using Enchanting Table

It’s more efficient than using an anvil since there’s no digging other than looking for lapis-lazuli. If you’ve already been through the Minecraft 1.18 and distribution of ore guide, It’s not too difficult to find. This is why Minecraft has made many magical enchantments, such as soul speed, only available to enchanting books to ensure that things are balanced. However, if the table appeals to you, creating an Enchanting table using Minecraft with our linked guide is easy.

What is the Enchantments Language in Minecraft?

If you opt to utilize the amazing table feature in Minecraft, you may come across some text written in SGA script. It’s a widely used symbolic language that lots of video games utilize. Although it doesn’t have any actual role in Minecraft, it has an intriguing story behind it. 

A Complete List of Minecraft Enchantments

Once you have mastered the fundamentals of enchanting, we can now move on to the actual magical enchantments. To make it easy, we’ve made a table listing all in-game spells in Minecraft. It is a great way to find out what the is and its maximum level. If you don’t wish to know everything about them, look at the following list of top Minecraft enhancements to learn about some of the most exciting upgrades and abilities.

General Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantment Levels Effect
Mending  1 Repairs items using experience points
Unbreaking 3 Increases the durability of any item
Curse of Vanishing 1 Despawns item upon player’s death

Armor Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantment Level Effect Applicable To
Aqua Affinity 1 Increases underwater mining speed Helmets
Blast Protection 4 Reduces explosion based damage and knockback Any
Curse of Binding 1 Disables the ability to remove equipped armor Any
Depth Strider 3 Increases underwater movement speed Boots
Feather Falling 4 Decreases fall damage Boots
Fire Protection 4 Decreases fire-based damage Any
Frost Walker 2 Converts water into ice when walked on top of a source block Boots
Projectile Protection 4 Decreases projectile-based attack’s damage Any
Protection 4 Decreases all types of damage Any
Respiration 3 Increases underwater breathing time Helmets
Soul Speed 3 Increases walking speed when used on soul soil or soul sand Boots
Thorns 3 Gives back damage to the attacker Any

Weapons Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantment Level Effect Applicable To
Channeling  1 Hits enemy with lightning bolt during a thunderstorm Trident
Flame 1 Sets enemy on fire Bows
Impaling 5 Deals additional damage to ocean mobs Trident
Infinity 1 Stops bow from consuming arrows Bows
Loyalty 3 Returns trident back to the player after the attack Trident
Riptide 3 Throws the player alongside trident Trident
Multishot 1 Shoots 3 arrows using only 1 arrow Bows
Piercing 4 Allows arrow to pass through multiple entities Bows
Power 5 Increases attack damage Bows
Punch 2 Increases attack knockback Bows
Quick Charge 3 Decreases waiting time to reuse weapon Crossbows
Sweeping Edge* 3 Increases secondary/sweeping damage Swords
Smite 3 Does additional damage to undead mobs Swords and Axes
Sharpness 5 Increases attack damage Swords and Axes
Knockback 2 Increases attack knockback Swords
Looting 2 Makes dropped loot quantity higher and rarer Swords
Fire Aspect 2 Sets enemy on Fire Swords
Efficiency 5 Increases attack damage Axes
Bane of Arthropods 5 Increases damage caused to arthropod mobs while slowing them down Swords and Axes

Tools Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantment Levels Effect Applicable To
Efficiency 5 Increases mining speed Pickaxes and Shovels
Fortune 3 Increases drop the quantity of some items Pickaxes, Axes, Sickles, and Shovels
Luck of the Sea 3 Increases looting rate and rarity during fishing Fishing Rods
Lure 3 Decreases wait-time during fishing Fishing Rods
Silk Touch 1 Makes mine blocks drop as blocks instead of items Pickaxes, Axes, Sickles, Shovels, and Sheers

Although we’ve listed all the enchantments available within the game, it is not possible to utilize all of them with other spells. Make sure you go through the next section carefully before you begin playing. Also, if the lists above seem confusing, look at our detailed articles on the top magic for tridents, swords and many more listed here.

Conflicting Minecraft Enchantments You Should Know About

You may have noticed. There are a variety of spells that can be applied to the same object. However, some of the spells can produce contradicting effects. To deal with this issue, Minecraft has a set of enchantments that conflict. They can be applied simultaneously, but only one can be used. Let’s look at some of the most common issues in the Minecraft Guide to Enchantments:

  • It is impossible to apply more than one identical enchantment to an item.
  • Multiple kinds of protections cannot be used on the same item. But, you can apply the same type of protection for each piece of armour.
  • It is not possible to use infinity while repairing one bow.
  • Damage-based enchantments are not compatible with one another.
  • Silk Touch and fortune aren’t used to describe the same thing.
  • Depth Strider and Frost Walker can’t be applied to the same set of boots.

Differences in Enchantments on Minecraft Java vs Bedrock

It’s sad that after more than a year of development, the two versions of Minecraft are far from identical. Due to this, there are different enchantments, too. There aren’t any groundbreaking enchantments, and they shouldn’t impact the majority of Minecraft guides to enchantments. Here are some of the variations you’re likely to encounter:

  • Swapping edge Enchantment is only available only in the Java version.
  • The Fire Aspect is a way to ignite candles, TNT, and campfires in the Bedrock version.
  • Protect enchantment helps to reduce damage from magical attackers with the Java version.
  • Trident that impales destroys any wet mob. Not just mobs with water that are in bedrock edition. Bedrock version.
  • The sharpness causes more damage to the bedrock edition. Bedrock Edition.
  • Soul Speed alters the player’s perspective when using the Java version.
  • Trident that has Riptide can cause damage to several opponents in the Bedrock version.
  • A helmet with breathing also reduces the risk of drowning injury when using the Java version.

How to Level Up Enchantments in Minecraft?

You’re aware of this that based on the books that contain enchanted inscriptions, it is possible to apply different levels of enchantments with an anvil. If you’re looking for greater levels of enchantments, you’ll need an Enchanting table, and adhere to these instructions:

1. The levels and rarity of enchantments available on the Enchanting table will depend on what you put on the bookshelves around the table. It is possible to place a maximum of 15 bookshelves, which will help you upgrade the available enchantments. First, you’ll need to build bookshelves with three books, six wooden planks and the recipe below.

craft bookshelves

2. When you have enough bookshelves, you must arrange them in the centre of your table. It is common for players to build walls around the table to keep things simple. It is possible to place more than 15 bookshelves; however, they won’t impact the enchantment level.

bookshelves around enchanting table

3. If you do not have the time to create bookshelves, you can use the table that enchants to obtain lower-level effects. You then need to mix the two lower-level books with a devil, which will result in an enchanted book with higher levels that you can use for your item. It is also possible to combine an already transformed item using the same enhancement book to increase its level.

Enchanting Guide Minecraft

Be aware that you aren’t able to upgrade an item with a lower degree of enchantment if you’re employing an Enchanting Table. To increase the level of the item’s enchantments, you must first de-enchant your item when you place bookshelves on your table.

How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft?

If you’ve figured out how enchantments work, it’s time to learn how to eliminate them. It could be to level the item up or remove an incorrect or incorrect item. Luckily, Minecraft makes it simple to take off enchantment, and all you have to do is place it on the grinding stone.

remove enchantments in Minecraft using grindstone

Grindstones are an in-game item you could use to repair or disenchant objects. All you have to do is drop the item you want to enchant in the grindstone, and that’s all there is to it. It is then possible to remove the item that was disenchanted. Remember that you cannot remove the Curse of the Binding or Curse of disappearing or Vanishing.

Start Using Minecraft Enchantments Guide Today

You’re eager to discover and get the most of the game-specific magical enchantments. This Minecraft Enchantments Guide is here to help you master the different enchantments in a single step. It is possible to bookmark it so that you can continue to revisit and dig deeper.

If enchantments aren’t enough for you, the most effective Minecraft mods are always there to help. However, you must install Forge within Minecraft to play these mods. Even if Minecraft did not have numerous such enchantments, Minecraft biomes could keep players entertained. But that’s the subject of another guide. Don’t take a second longer to begin to enchant! Minecraft Ocean Monument


The Optimal Setup for Enchanting Tables in MinecraftCreate five bookshelves on the side of your table. Four Bookshelves on either one side and two rows in on the side. Make sure there’s enough space between the bookshelves and the table. This way, it is likely that it’s likely that your Enchanting Table will reach its maximum level.

The table must have at least 15 shelves to achieve the greatest level of enchantment. The shelves must be placed just one block from the gorgeous table, in a one-tall, five by 5 square with an opening to doors.

Cleaving Enchantment

The Cleaving enchantment is among the most sought-after enchantment in Minecraft to date. Cleaving lets your axe cause massive damage to enemies and also cut through their shields. It is considered the rarest magical ability since it is only found in the forthcoming Java edition of combat tests.

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